Red light, green light

For the benefit of the universe: I am dense.

I cannot read minds, and I am extremely bad at picking up signals. If you have something you’d like to tell me, do me a favor and just fucking tell me.

Everyone loves leaving subtextual clues for everyone else (and it’s not like I’m not guilty of this), but nobody ever just comes out and says something, for fear of looking like a fucking idiot. Which you will temporarily, but it’ll save you a lot of pain in the neck, ass, and/or heart in the long run.

So give me a red light or a green light. Because I may be smart, but I’m not too good at picking up clues. I’m not a goddamn detective. And I haven’t slept right in a month, so picking up subtlety is not currently my strong suit.

Then again, when you’re as tired, overworked, and overheated (current temp: 81 degrees with moderate humidity) as I am, it basically takes a whack in the head to get your point across.

And even that may not be too effective, as I may already be asleep.

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