Hot hot hot

I love Chicago. Butt cold in the winter, sauna-like in the summer. Yay for fuckin’ that.

It’s actually not that hot yet, it just kinda feels like it because it’s been cold for so long, and because there’s no air conditioning in my apartment. A barbaric way to live, i know, but included a/c will bump your apartment up to at least 600/person/month where I live.

I don’t particularly have that to spend, especially after I graduate in December and have to start making up creative variations on “Will Work For Food” to put on my resume.

Buy a window unit, you say? First off, they’re hard to find used, and bloody expensive new. Secondly, you need one per room, and that adds up, both in terms of the cost of the actual units and electric bills, when you have 3 bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen.

We could probably get away with 1 each for the bedrooms and 1 for the living room. The bathroom is kind of out of the question since the window’s not wide enough to shove an AC unit into, but the cost would be ridiculous. The electric bill would at least double.

And at this point in my life, it’s better to be hot than broke.

Besides, sweating it off is a much easier way to lose weight than, you know, eating less.

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