This is bizarre

It’s 3 in the morning and I feel downright chipper.

It’s not because I had some sort of fantastic day. I had an up and down day.

Up because I finally decided to fully skip the Class From Hell (News Media and American Society) instead of subjecting myself to half of the pointlessness then saying fuck it and leaving. Down because I ran into The Ex and her new flame.

And that wasn’t really as bad as I thought it would be, to be honest. I had no idea there even was a new flame, so I think a big part of what hurt was the fact that I had no idea, so I hadn’t realistically prepared myself for this eventuality. But it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would.

Which, in an odd way, brings us back to up, becuase it’s a sign that I’m at least somewhat over her. And getting over exes is always a good thing. Plus, I sold for $30 in a charity date auction, and having people bid over you never hurts your self-esteem.

But returning to my original point, it’s now about three AM and I feel…great. I think I’ve finally gotten through the transition phase of being nocturnal and evolved into a fully nocturnal creature. I had such horrific difficulty getting up this morning for my 10am class that I thought it might be happening, and lo and behold, it has happened.

I still drag during the day, but it’s oddly freeing to at least have one time of day when you feel like you’re firing on all cylinders, even if that time is the middle of the night and everybody else is dead to the world.

It’ll be interesting to see how I do at Kegs and Eggs for Dillo Day (Non-Wildcats: Massive communal public drunkenness and music festival. The school sponsors the bands, the students sponsor the drunkenness).

I’ll have incentive to get up because it’s free beer and breakfast, but it’s going to be pointless to get drunk if i’m already so disoriented from lack of sleep that I’m seeing little green men anyway.

But for now, I need to take advantage of the chipperness whilst it lasts and try and spit out part of a paper, because lord knows I’m not going to be able to by the end of next week, when everything is actually due.

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