Excuse me, I seem to have stepped into a Honda Civic commercial…

This has been a long, odd day. Not in any specific way, it just was kind of off and unusual all day. But I should have known what was coming.

The first sign of oddness was this morning, when I momentarily found myself trapped in a commercial for the Honda Civic.

I was returning equipment from shooting into the wee hours of the morning for my video production class when the first one came up, bearing an unlikely Celebrity Endorser: Garry Marshall, famous writer and director of entertaining things like Laverne and Shirley and Pretty Woman.

He was there to give a speech, since he graduated from Northwestern quite some time ago, it was just really odd to see someone of his level of fame pulling up in a Civic.

Then, as I pulled away to go park my car in a slightly more legal spot, I saw two more Civics, parked and waiting along South Campus Drive going out to Sheridan Road. They were both sort of pastel in color, and so was the one that deposited Marshall, so then I thought I had been pulled into some sort of weird easter-themed Civic ad.

It was all very disconcerting, and should have been a sign that my day was going to be as random as it was. But alas, I was too tired to care, let alone form coherent thoughts about the potential for weirdness in my forthcoming day, so whatever.

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