Explaining this to people

It’s difficult to explain this little thing to people who aren’t part of the incestuous little circle of us lot writing these things.

I was working on a project when I ran into Nate, who apparently reads this, since when I explained my irritation with my haircut he mentioned that he read about it.

“He read about it?” asked one of my partners. I explained meekly that I have “a weblog thingy.” He replied, “and you write about your…haircut?”

This is not a bad question, since people who don’t know a number of people who post their obnoxious bitching and whining for all the world to see really have no conception of why anyone would want to do this in the first place.

Everyone that writes one of these has a reason they do it. I do it as a public venting of my grievences of my gripes against the smaller things in life and the stupidity of society in general, and I think to a certain extent everyone does this out of a desire to feel heard.

Really, I do this because I’m not a standup comedian. If I were a standup comedian, I could just do this and make a living and call it a day. But I don’t really have the timing to be a comedian, even though the guy with the lazy eye at the CVS in Spring Valley used to tell me I look like Jeaneane Garafolo (I wish).

But this is kind of a hard thing to explain to people unfamiliar with the phenomenon of the weblog, or people who think of weblogs as simply people bitching about politics or world events, when there is a plethora of other things to bitch about.

They don’t have to be important in the great scheme of things. They just have to be important enough to the person writing about them for them to actually, you know, write. It helps if you’re funny, though.

Because then, at least, you don’t bore the shit out of people.

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