Oh, inverted world

I really need to stop taking naps during the day, because they always end up far longer than I intend them to be.

Example: I intended to lie down for a bit after I returned a bunch of film equipment this morning. By “a bit”, i mean about two hours. I ended up sleeping for six hours, and woke up somewhat disoriented because the position of the sun had shifted so drastically.

So of course, this leaves me awake now (3am), working on a project I could easily have gotten done this afternoon, and my world is totally inverted from what it should be. Although, theoretically, I could have been working on the project instead of screwing around with my music site earlier this evening.

But I want to be a musician, so I guess I might as well get used to being awake when it’s dark and asleep when it’s light. Yay for that.

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