Service with a…time machine?

I went to Cozy’s, the local Bland Thai place that I like because they have really good pad thai, to reward myself for getting through a project without killing one of my partners.

This was not an easy task. I can take monumental stupidity if at least the person can admit it. I can take irritation if at least the person knows what s/he’s doing. I cannot take the combination of the two, especially if the person has no idea what s/he’s doing and refuses to admit it.

And this was one of my partners, who my other partner and I had to repeatedly restrain ourselves from beating over the head with a gobo arm. This was an extraordinarily difficult task, as this guy is perma-stoned and is convinced this gives him insight into the way things ought to work.

It doesn’t.

So anyway, getting back to my actual point, since I managed to avoid killing him despite my intense desire to, I decided to reward myself with Thai food. I get to Cozy’s and order my usual, and I sit down to start reading, as I figure it’s probably going to be a while before my food is ready.

I reach the second page of the reading I have to do and I hear, “You had the chicken pad thai with rice, right?” My food was already there.

I guess, logically, I can see how it would work: Soft rice noodles don’t take long to cook and the chicken was obviously pre-cooked. But it was still really bizzare to have the food arrive so quickly, especially since I had been settling in for a long wait.

It felt like I was in this strange, futuristic universe, where you could just order food and it would appear. Like in old Marvin the Martian cartoons when someone would put food in a rehydrator or something and it would just go *boing*! and be done.

Either that, or in the Batman movie. You know, the old one they made from the ’60s TV show, where they have to fight the forces of evil that dehydrate the U.N.? I don’t know why I thought that, maybe the association with de- and re-hydration.

I shall now return you to your tangent-free (or at least less tangential) universe.

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