Further descents into utter stupidity

I’m getting dumber as I get older. This is an incontrovertible fact.

Further evidence was presented to me today when I took my car to the shop. I had been having some problems getting the windshield wiper fluid to come out the front thingies, which is a pain in the ass when you have bug splat on your windshield and can’t get rid of it. So I mentioned it to the guy, and he sits down in the car and immediately gets it to work. How, you may ask? Because he is not too stupid to figure out how windshield wiper fluid dispensers work.

I had been under the impression that since the windshield wiper arm said “pull mist,” this meant that in order to get it to squirt, you had to pull it towards you, and I vaguely remember getting this to work once or twice, which is why I felt sure the windshield wiper fluid was broken. Of course, I could have been hallucinating, but you never know.

The real way to get the wiper fluid to work is to push on the button at the end of the arm that has the little windshield wiper fluid logo (a big squirt of water going up over a silhouette of a windshield, then miraculously coming down evenly on either side) on it.

I, of course, had thought that this was something involving the back windshield, though looking at my logic I see that I was totally full of shit, since I knew the way to operate the back windshield wiper fluid, and that was definitely not it. It was in the same general vicinity, but it wasn’t it.

The guy at the shop said that a lot of people didn’t realize that’s how it’s supposed to work. “And I bet a lot of them feel like fucking idiots when they find out, too,” I told him, deciding that I may just get a lobotomy and call it a day, since I apparently have no working brain cells anymore anyway.

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