I have come to the conclusion that the ideal career for me is Idle Rich. And I don’t mean Powerball rich, I mean Bill Gates rich, but without that whole antitrust thing. I could sit around and just buy crap online and play the guitar all day, and not have to worry about money. Because I wouldn’t need a college diploma for that, so I could quit school like, now.

I have spent the last hour or so reading the world’s most pointless articles for a class called “News Media and American Society,” which consists entirely of things you learn simply by living in D.C., which I did for eighteen goddamn yeras. This, by the way, is the same class and the same articles I bitched about having to spend three hours printing. It would have been nice had all that money and time I spent actually produced something worth reading.

But no, as is the case with many of my classes, these articles produced nothing worthwile, or even amusing. At least my film history class had a wonderful quote from a West German director named Rainer Werner Fassbinder, who was reviewing six films by Douglas Sirk, and specifically talking about All That Heaven Allows:

“Later on, Jane goes back to Rock because she has headaches, which is what happens to us all if we don’t fuck once in a while.”

So true.

But nothing like this has hit me today, so I’m convinced I need to be idle rich, so I don’t have to read articles like “News Icons and the Mainstreaming of Social Change” for one goddamn second longer.

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