So I have to find two subletters for the summer and a person for the year, and I’m thinking back to last summer, when I lived with Rumya and Aparna, who subsided on nothing but weed and chili powder.

I’m specifically thinking of the time I came home from working at Blockbuster on a friday night, and when I went to the kitchen to grab some food, I saw someone I hadn’t met hunched over a plate. Doing a line of what I thought was cocaine off one of the PLATES I WAS EATING OFF OF.

I was fine with the weed, even though they kept offering it to me every day when I repeatedly told them I didn’t smoke (it would fuck up my singing voice). However, random people doing lines of coke off our dinner plates was another matter entirely. So I asked Rumya to tell her friends to please do their more massively illegal drugs before they came here. Her reply?

“Oh, it wasn’t coke. It was just E.”

Well, that makes it SO much better.

It’s only ecstasy, which is MDMA cut with other drugs, anything from PCP to speed to fucking heroin. That makes the entire problem of a person I don’t know snorting hallucinogens off of a plate I would likely have been eating a peanut butter sandwich on had I not seen him doing this.

So this summer with more strangers should be LOTS of fucking fun.

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