Bitching about the heat

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The weather here is schitzophrenic.

It’s 76 in Chicago right now, almost midnight, according to the little weather bug on my computer. It was eightysomething today, a fairly hot day for mid-April. This time last week, it was snowing. This time next week, it will likely be snowing as well.

I don’t know if this is evidence that the environment has been seriously fucked up, or that Mother Nature is just as mental as all of us humans.

It’s hot as hell in my room, a phenomenon I had been conveniently able to repress since my landlord wasn’t particularly heating my room for large, large portions of the winter, and I thought my fingers were going to fall off. I still need to thank the Medilldos upstairs for threatening to write an expose on him in the Daily, which clearly did a lot more good than five months of bitching about the (lack of) heat, since a day or so after I heard they did it, the heat was working fantastically.

It was this hot in the apartment over the summer, but a seven month gap between the end of last summer’s worst heat and the beginning of this year’s made it easy to forget how much I hate living without air conditioning. Perhaps this year I shall locate a window a/c unit, at least for my room. But more than likely, I’ll be too lazy from the heat, and I’ll end up just sitting around and drinking margaritas, daquiris, and mudslides to cool off.

Which will make me a whole hell of a lot lazier.

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