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Aha! The big surprise at the end of the season was that…uh…there was no surprise at the end of the season!


Carry on, Kiefer and Kompany. Bitchelle, Soul Patch, Special Agent Charlie Brown (or should I call him Chase Skywalker now?), Potato Face, and lest we not forget, Spawn of Kiefer, we’ll see you next year.

3 thoughts on “24

  1. Reply Laz May 26,2004 7:51 am

    I actually liked the ending. I thought Sherry was gonna limp out and kill Palmer or something stupid. It was a surpisingly poignant ending – get back to work, Jack!

    FYI: Michelle and Chase weren’t given contracts for next year…

  2. Reply Ellen May 26,2004 9:16 pm

    True, but according to this, they’re both expected (along with Tony, aka Soul Patch) to make guest appearances next season.

  3. Reply Mark May 28,2004 3:43 am

    The more I pondered it, the more I came to like it so much more than S2. It actually had depth instead of cheap shock value (which, by the way, Season 2’s ending was never explained).

    The whole “day” really revolved around relationships, and the question of how people in this line of work can handle them. You see how people made their choices and everyone chose love (even Steven “Strike a Pose” Saauunnddderrss)–except for Jack, who I think at the end realized he was becoming the face of detachment that Chase so feared. And he cried not completely for the overwhelming events of the day, but more so that at the end, he was all alone with the memories and nothing more.

    I really felt for him.

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